Project E36 323is Part 8 – Proper Wheels, Studs, and Tires


To complement our new wheels, and get rid of those annoying wheel bolts, we paired our wheels with a set of D-Force’s wheel studs. Due to the wheel spacers on the front of our E36, which are needed to clear the KW V2 coilovers, we went with 90 mm for the front and 75 mm for the rear.
First thing we did was get the old wheels off and start cleaning up the threads for the new wheel studs. A little brake cleaner and we were ready to go. 
We also wanted to make an aesthetic improvement, so we sprayed the nasty looking hub with some VHT high-temperature caliper paint. We probably should have done the entire rotor hat, but we were short on time, so we did the hubs only. 
With a little bit of blue thread locker for the new studs, it was time to screw them into the hub. We don’t recommend permanent thread locker, as that would make it nearly impossible to remove the studs in the future without damaging them. 
Once you have the studs threaded in, 30 ft-lbs of torque is all that's needed to tighten them into place. This is a pretty easy upgrade on cars with wheel bolts as there are no old studs to remove.
Now just mount the wheels, torque them on, and wash, rinse and repeat three more times, and you’re done.   
Project E36 is looking good, is a bit lighter, and it's ready to hit the track. If you missed our track outing at Auto Club Speedway with Optima Batteries and the Ultimate Street Car Association you can read about it here

There's a lot more planned for our little E36 323is. As we've shown there's not much power to get out of this engine with bolt-on parts, so we'll be tearing into the engine soon to bring it up to 3.2 liters to rival our E36 M3 projects. After we get the engine up to par with the E36 M3, we'll be doing a solid lifter conversion to really make this BMW sing the song of its Bavarian people. Exciting times ahead! 



D-Force Wheels

Achilles Radial

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