Project E39 M5, Improving Cooling With CSF

Everything bolts right back up just like the factory parts.  The polished end tanks are not that visible but what you can see looks great in our engine compartment.  You can see how the radiator hose clicks in place just like stock.

The fit of all the factory parts on the other side of the radiator is perfect as well.   We had replaced the yellowing and brittle factory overflow bottle with a new part a couple years ago, but you can see how it is also already starting to yellow too. Lame!

Our radiator is in place and everything is sealed up with new factory parts and is ready to go for many more miles of reliable driving.  Our engine compartment looks nice, not bad for a 20-year-old car.  Here is to another 20 years!

Stay tuned, we are replacing more stuff under hood and doing more things to improve our M5’s cooling performance.


CSF Race




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