Project E39 M5, Part 3: Installing and Adjusting KW V3s


We don't trust many people to work on our Projects, but the team at Pure Performance has a staff of extremely knowledgeable BMW techs that are seasoned pros. They are fast and efficient, and have the attention to detail we look for. 
Here we have our OE and KW V3 assemblies side by side. You can clearly see the KW assembly is much shorter than its OE counterpart. This will allow us to have a lower ride height while maintaining sufficient suspension travel to stay off the bumpstops. 
The installation of the front coilover assemblies are pretty straight forward, other than this locating collar. Notice in the assembly comparison picture the clean area towards the bottom of the OE strut, this is the area that sits in this section of the front wheel hub. It is thicker than the KW strut housing so the collar ensures a proper fit. It's important that the gap in the collar lines up with the gap in the hub.
With some of the front control arms disconnected, the hub swings towards the outside of the car allowing the new assembly to simply slide in to the locating collar. The front is now ready to be buttoned back up.
Another look at the attention to detail the techs at Pure Performance take when working on customer cars. Here we see them setting the suspension as close to ride height as possible before torquing down any of the control arm hardware.
And here's an interesting sensor we found attached to one of the front lower control arms. We found another one in the rear of the car and thought it may be something cool…but they're just the ride height sensors for the self levelling HIDs. Speaking of lights, stay tuned for a Project E39 M5 light-update soon. After seeing the upgrade Billy did on his E92, we're going to be looking into updating the look of the M5's halo rings. Hey, there's a little ricer in all of us.  

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