Project E46 M3: Part 11 – Castro Motorsports air box installed and dyno tested!


How about more than doubling that estimate!  And to think, this was done on a stock block to boot!  The car came in with an FFTEC turbo system on there, and Chad Charlton, MKC’s owner and tuner, had a nice start with nearly 600whp to work with.  By the time he was done with the MKC-built exhaust system and his tuning in the car, this beast was turned into an absolute monster with over 850whp!  Notice Chad got a couple more mph earlier spool out of it too (or you can look at it as a 7whp gain in the bottom end as well).

The 335 is pumping air via a Precision 6466 turbo.  Even more impressive is the fact this power is happening inside a bone stock 3.0-liter N54 engine!

The turbo rests on this nice tubular manifold with a divided entry and a twin wastegate setup, which is part of the FFTEC turbo kit.  To keep the heat inside, MKC went ahead and wrapped it.  Actually, they saw how cool our Project Supra's PHR exhaust manifold looked when it got wrapped.

Along with getting the car's tuning complete, Modified by KC also fabricated a 4-in exhaust that merged into a twin 3-in exhaust system from the downpipe-back.

On our final page we not only have more on this 335, but also a couple of videos showing you the new sounds of our Castro Motorsports intake!

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