Project EJ Honda Civic – Skunk2 Pro-C Coilovers


Note the cracked and worn rubber bushings in my old camber link.  I had originally installed this part over a hundred thousand miles ago!  Time for a fresh part from Skunk2!

During installation, we noticed that my original camber kit had been worn to shreds. The rubber bushings were worn and cracked. So, we went back to Skunk2 and ordered a replacement kit for our project EJ Civic. While we were at it, we decided to upgrade some other goodies as well. This included the new camber kit, trick lower control arms, and more.

When we visited the Skunk2 website, we stumbled across a “Skunk2  Certification” program that seemed like a novel idea: Use five genuine Skunk2 hard parts and three accessories to be able to join this exclusive group.

Getting Skunk2 certified involves having a minimum of five genuine Skunk2 hard parts installed, along with at least three Skunk2 accessories. With all the goodies available for our Project EJ Civic, meeting that criteria shouldn’t be hard to do!

You get this nifty badge and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re not using knock off ghetto parts (you can find out what my personal opinion is on knock off parts here). I mean, we were going to use the parts anyway, and we’ve got four of the five hard parts on their way to being installed. The certification would be just a cool little extra icing on the cake. But now with so many modifications in the pipeline, I’ll have to save those upgrades for a Skunk2 suspension upgrade part 2!

 Stay tuned!


Skunk 2

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