Can an Oil Change Affect Horsepower?



We selected power runs to compare with that represented the cars stable power level on the dyno. We went for stable power readings, not to cherry pick runs that showed the largest power gain.


With Royal Purple HPS, we saw consistent gains of 2-3 peak whp and 2-3 lb-feet of torque. The gains were linear, being greatest at high rpm where engine friction is highest. In every case on every dyno pull, the Royal Purple HPS made more power than the dino oil.


We were skeptical that we would see any differences in power level, but Royal Purple proved us wrong by showing us some consistent power gains over our previous el cheapo oil. When driving the car, you could feel that the car was slightly more eager to rev. You could feel that it was slightly smoother and quieter in operation.

More power means less friction and less friction will mean less wear and more endurance for your engine.

Now we can’t say that Royal Purple HPS will produce more power than other quality performance synthetic oils, but we will say with confidence that it does make more repeatable power and presumably less wear than run of the mill mineral based oils.

We can say that if you normally run a mineral oil, Royal Purple HPS is a feelable bang for the buck mod with no negative side effects!



Royal Purple


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