Project EVO IX Part 2 More Engine Tweeks


XS Engineering vs Stock intercooler

The big XS intercooler dwarfs the stock unit

The XS intercooler was a direct bolt in and only took about ½ hour to install while the car was strapped to the dyno. We once again did some pulls and found that the intercooler eliminated knock count across the map and gave us around 8 whp. From this starting point Koji Arai, XS Engineering’s ace tuner when to work. Koji was able to add quite a bit more timing to our ignition map without increasing knock count and with a combination of adding more timing and more cam advance to our Mivec system; he was able to extract 9 more hp leaving us with an impressive 321 whp, a whopping gain of 17 whp just from the intercooler. The power gains were huge and across the board.

The intercooler and the more aggressive tuning it allowed gave us 17 more whp. Believe it or not, this is the biggest gain of any single component installed to date. If you count the intercooler and the hardpipes installed in our last segment together, the total gain is an amazing 24 hp. This pushes the XS intercooler kit to the top of the mod pile by a large margin

We considered adding more timing and fuel or possibly tweaking the boost but when reviewing our datalogs, we realized that we were completely out of injector as we were at 100% duty cycle in the last two load columns of our fuel map. Although some tuners in other states have extracted more power than us with equivalent mods, we feel that our 321 whp is pretty impressive for our exceedingly crappy 91 octane pee water fuel.

To date we have gained 61 whp just with these basic bolt ons. The gains are big, fat and across the board

Stay tuned, we have some big RC Engineering injectors and more parts waiting in the wings. We intend to see how far the stock turbo turbo and bolt ons can be taken with California weaksause pump gas. Once we have maxed that out, we intend to test a bolt on turbo upgrade and eventually even bigger and better things!


4WD Dyno, Dyno turning, Intercooler hard pipe kit, Front Mount Intercooler


TiC Exhaust system

Drop in high flow air filter

EngineLubricants, Gear Lube and Brake Fluid

Nitto Tire North America
NT01 Tires

Makin Industries
Volk CE28N wheels, ARC air box, ARC radiator, ARC pressure regulator, ARC air guide


Big fuel pump

Nukabe Automotive
Cusco chassis reinforcement, Silicone hoses

The best damn shop in town


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