Project Evo X MR is Back!


The ARC intercooler utilizes the factory intercooler mounts and bracket.  The ARC core is slightly thicker and longer than the factory core.


With all the stock parts removed, we are ready to install the ARC intercooler and the Cosworth charge pipes.

The Stock air intake system removed and compared to the AEM intake.  Look at all of the turbulence causing corrugations that the stock intake pipe suffers from.


The stock airbox has a panel filter but the AEM part has a conical filter element with more surface area.  The AEM dry filter has about the same filtration effectiveness as OEM filters with less restriction and can be cleaned with soapy water.  The AEM box retains the stock cold air function.

The AEM airbox has more internal volume and larger openings for air to enter and exit the box than does stock.

With the removal of the airbox and lower intercooler pipe, the engine bay is fairly open.  You can see gold coloring of the throttle body, and the blue and red hose fitting is the return line of the SST cooler pump in lower center of this image.

Stay tuned, in the next installment of Project EVO MR, we finish our installation of the parts and do some tuning at Cobb SoCal!

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Cobb Tuning SoCal

AEM Induction


Earl's Performance Plumbing



KW Suspension


Global Performance Parts (US distributor for Whiteline)

Mackin Industries (ARC, MXP, Volk Wheels)

Nitto Tires


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