Project Fiesta ST – Improving the Brakes with mountune USA


Here are the rear mountune teflon braided steel lines next to the stock ones.
Like the front lines, the rear mountune lines use the stock mounting points and have a very clean routing. Something that a lot of people don't know is that braided brake lines can often shorten the stopping distances of car equipped with ABS because the ABS can pulse faster without the hysterisis of swelling brake lines slowing the system response.
The rear lines, like the front lines fit perfectly at the caliper.  The yellow plastic insert protects the braided steel from fatigue where flex force can concentrate. 
The rear lines have just the right amount of slack so the line won't get stretched even if the rear shocks are removed and the suspension if fully drooped. 
After installing the lines, we flushed the system out with Motul 660.  Motul 660 has a very high dry boiling point of 660 degrees Fahrenheit.  The wet boiling point is slightly lower than Motul 600 but we have never had issues with Motul 660 even in long term street use.  We have never experienced fluid fade with Motul 660 on the track either. 

With new brake lines and fluid along with fresh new pads, the brakes are significantly better believe it or not.  The improvement is well worth the price of entry. The fact that a simple change made a nice difference on a system that is nearly fade free on the track is a testament to how well the stock ST is speced out from the factory.  Typical Japanese compacts have brakes that quickly fade under pressure and need aggressive pads for track use right off the bat. 

We will be looking at other brake upgrade paths as soon as we need them and we think we will soon as our car is about to get faster.  In our coming installments of Project Fiesta ST we will be adding some super reliable, warranty friendly and smog legal power adders from mountune USA and putting them to the test. 

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