Project Ford Fiesta ST – Improving the Handling With ST Suspension


Two things to note in this picture.  First is that the Suspension Techniques rear shock has a shorter microcellular urethane bumpstop.  This helps keep a good amount of bump travel in a lowered car.  The second thing is that the Suspension Techniques shock has a larger 14mm vs 12mm shaft.  This increases fluid flow through the shock giving more damping control potential and is stronger.
To fit the larger diameter shock shaft, the upper shock mount must be drilled out.  Here Howard Watanabe of Technosquare performs the honors.
With the mount drilled out, Howard bolts everything together.
The spring is put into place with the adjustable spring seat on the bottom.  Note that there is a secondary bump stop in the upper spring seat.  This is very similar to the late model Mustang.  You can also see the plastic anti rattle tubing on the springs.
Howard bolts the rear shocks in place.
The red Anti Sway bar is a prototype Eibach part which should be available by the time you read this.  The diameter was not finalized and we felt that this size bar was pretty snappy.  Good for track use but perhaps a little too aggressive for a beginner driver on the street. A slightly larger front bar would be nice but it was not yet available. 


  1. What class is this being built to “race” in? Asking because I noticed you did not go as large of a brake kit as I would have thought (or that we went to) to truly upgrade the system. And I don’t see any brake venting. Are you not having heating issues with your brakes? We put the Wilwood kit on my son’s ’16 and are now working on ducting for it. After melting the stock caliper seals and dust boots twice, he decided to go with a larger rotor and caliper that gives him much more pad area. I must say I love the new brakes. Let just hope they last better then the factory ones did with Hawk pads.

  2. I am really glad I found all your articles on Fiesta ST race build as I am building an ST for rallycross here in the UK. Lots of great tips and things I hadn’t considered before. Thank you.

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