Project Ford Fiesta ST – Improving the Shifting with mountune


Next the pin is removed from the shift shaft extension with this special tool that mountune provides.  With the tool in place the pin is simply unscrewed. 


The magic part of the mountune short shifter is this billet piece that makes the shift shaft extension longer, increasing its motion ratio and thus reducing the throw of the shifter needed to change gears. The mountune part is CNC machined from strong and stiff billet. The vacant hole you see on the mountune part will be utilized to secure the Quick Shift from the bottom.  


Next the mountune extender is bolted down solidly over the stock shift shaft extension.  The connection is very solid and positive.


Lastly the cable is mounted onto the pin.  The whole deal is stiff and does not add any mushiness or free play.  The airbox, intake pipe and engine shroud are re attached and the car is ready to go.  It's a very simple install, much easier than a typical short shifter's need to disassemble the center console, etc.


With the shifter installed, we were quite pleased with the results.  The shift throw is significantly shorter and the shift feel is actually sightly improved with a little added notchyness so you can feel the gear positions better.  This shifter does not over leverage the transmission and ruin the shift feel and strain the syncros.  It also doe not affect the NVH at all.  We have noted that many quick shifters add a lot of noise to the car's interior but the mountune part does not affect it at all.  

So far a lot of positives and not anything bad at all.  Not too shabby for a part type that we usually love to hate!  Stay tuned, we will be testing more of mountune's parts very soon on Project  Fiesta ST!




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