Project FR-S: More Details with Cusco, Kartboy and Turn 14


In the case of the FR-S the holes in the crossmemeber can easily be accessed from the back side so tighening the nuts isn’t that hard. Sometimes it is really hard to to this on other cars.

The rear mounting bolts are very easy to get to, we reused the stock bolts here. The crossmember brace installs in just a few minutes.

Here is the crossmeber brace installed. You can see how it makes the lower crossmember more of a ladder. This area is loaded by the swaybar mounts, the lower control arms and the steering rack. This will help stiffen the car in torsion.

Here are the stock front lower control arm braces compared to the Cusco parts. The stock part is thin stamped steel. The Cusco part is fully boxed in making it much stiffer.

Here is the brace in place.  You can see how it ties the heavily loaded front lower control arm mount to the lower part of the unibody’s core support.

All of the lower body panels reinstalled. The body panels installed with no problems, whew!

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