Project G20: Making it Stick With APR’s Wing and Splitter



Bolting our bumper support to the bumper/splitter assembly made for super easy installation. Simply insert these two rectangular sections here:
Insert the bolts.  Stay on target!
Attach the bumper skin to the fenders using our patent pending ghetto brackets, and you’re ready to run:


Out back was a much more straightforward affair, again thanks to APR. We ordered a set of their 14” GT-250 rear wing mounts, installed them on the rear quarterpanels, and measured the overall width of the car as well as the distance between the fronts and backs of the wing mounts. APR customized one of their single element GT-250 adjustable wings with the correct stagger on the mounts and cut it to proper width. To finish things off, APR supplied us with their GTC side plates. The GT-250 and side plates are made entirely of pre-preg carbon laid up in billet aluminum molds and cured in high-temperature autoclaves. No cheap, heavy and inconsistent wet lay-up flea bay stuff here.


Our APR wing is made entirely from pre-preg carbon molded in billet aluminum, then cured in a high-temperature autoclave. Not junk.

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