Project Gen 3 STi: Suspension upgrade with M7


M7 front coilover SUbaru STi GR

The fit and finish of all components was quite good and I could not find anything to knit pick. They even featured the centric holes for the strut mounting bolts that the factory uses to adjust camber as well as the ABS and brake line mounting tabs. 


M7 STi Camber Plate Coilover Subaru Suspension Pillow Ball Mount
M7 camber plate centering mark pillow ball mount STi suspension
The camber plate is anodized with the studs pre-installed. It is a tried and true design with a sealed bearing and allen head bolts to adjust camber. The black anodized portion is part of the housing that contains the camber plate ball joint and features a centering dimple, this makes it easy to use the reference marks on the plate to make repeatable alignments a breeze. 

We next turned our attention to the rear assemblies. They use a fixed upper mount and while it is not adjustable it is much thinner than the OEM rear upper hat and as such helps to maintain suspension travel. it uses the same collar assembly as the fronts however you will notice the springs are different. In this case they are 62 180 008. So all of the dimensions are the same however the springs are 7″ long as opposed to the 8″ springs used in the front. They also use a lower housing that the damper body threads into which allows you to adjust ride height separate from spring pre-load. This is a nice feature as it will allow you to set ride height and then corner weight. This also helps to maintain suspension travel despite lowering the car. 

M7 coilover rear top hat STi Subaru
The rear top hat is a flat design that serves to lower the car while maintaining suspension travel. The M7 setup come with the studs pre-installed as well as new top nuts. 
M7 rear coilover assembly Subaru
The rear lower housing assembly features the same threaded body as the front to allow ride height adjustment. The transitioned spacers on the lower sleeve are also a nice touch to help locate it within the lower arm. 

Out of the box we checked all of the coil overs and clearly they were inspected at the factory. All of them were set to the same ride height, all perches were properly torqued, and all adjusted to 10 clicks from full stiff. Good stuff that somebody clearly inspected before they were boxed and shipped.

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