Project Gen 3STi: Testing the COBB AccessPORT


Mitch spent the next hour and a half fine tuning his MAP. Curse words were used, freelance journalists were nearly thrown out of the dyno area, and pulls were made and in the end we learned something very important. Both AMS and COBB know how to make reliable power!

Using Cobb's pro tune software Mitch makes final adjustments to his map. 


Yes we were able to extract more power over the COBB MAP but the off the shelf Stage 1 program is damn good. I know this is the part where some Self Proclaimed Engineer (thanks Eric) chimes in about how it's easy to make more power, but we are not interested in that sort of discussion. We here at MotoIQ demand quality and the COBB delivers with a Stage1 MAP that makes great power, is damn near idiot proof, and comes pre-loaded on the AP! Enough ranting just what was AMS able to extract with their pro tune? 


Look at how flat the torque is. USABLE power here!


245HP and 271TQ with peak boost of 18.8 PSI. What tells the story yet again are the increases across the board. A nice flat torque curve where the car makes 270LB FT for an RPM window of 1400 RPM. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what is possible with the AP in the hands of the right people. 

The above is proof positive as to why we do not use peak #'s to judge. More area under the curve and power to redline that does not fall off as hard.


Just for kicks here is a dyno comparison of the car with the AMS tune in Sport and then Sport Sharp mode. 


In addition to the ability to re-flash the AP boasts a LOT of other useful features. You can use the AP to record up to 10 hours of data and download it to your computer while using it to monitor engine data in real time directly from the ECU. You are also able to control other ECU settings like Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting, idle speed and ignition timing. Imagine being able to datalog, send the CSV format reports to your tuner across town or the world, and have a new MAP sent to your computer based on your data set! Totally possible and the kid speeding around your town is probably doing it right now. The AP can also read and clear trouble codes, and turn off diagnostic trouble codes, granted we only endorse the use of the last feature in motorsport only environments. 


Download AP manager from COBB's site and you can download your datalog files. Notice the data that is captured? They offer AP manager for both Mac and PC and the files are output in a .csv format. 

For the cost of entry the COBB AccessPORT is an amazing option that is hard to ignore. COBB offers the AP for BMW, Mazda, MINI, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and the Mighty Nissan GTR. If you cat now COBB will not double your order nor will they appear on your television at midnight slinging AP's. But if you do own one of the above platform's it would be wise to consider the AccessPORT, after all it is MotoIQ Certified Legit! 

In our next installment we will delve a bit further in to the power realms with COBB and the AP so stay tuned for more signal and less noise. 




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