Project GR STI- Generation 3, an Introduction


GR STI front brakes
Same big Brembo’s as before but now with a 30mm bigger rotor.

The Big Brembo system that we loved in the GD is back in the GR STI.  The major difference is that the front rotors are now 0.3 inches bigger for 13 inch front and 12.6 rear of large rotor goodness.

STI rear brake

On the motor front, the GR ‘s power plant is the EJ257, it has slightly more power than the old motor, at 305 hp vs 293 with the torque staying the same at 290 lb/ft.  The new motor sports variable timing of the exhaust cam as well as the intake which is responsible for the torque peak coming in 400 rpm lower at 4000 rpm vs 4400. The IHI VF48 turbo has a larger turbine wheel and exhaust A/R over the older VF43 turbo of the previous model.   With the gains of exhaust variable cam timing and turbo tweaks, the power band is wider and lower with a lower 6700 rpm redline vs the older cars 7000 rpm limit.  New for the GR is the SI-Drive feature which enable the driver to choose from three different settings for the drive by wire throttle–sport, sport sharp and relaxed.  We supposed that relaxed might give better fuel economy.

GR Engine

The latest version of the EJ has gotten the reputation of being fragile, even more so than its fragile predecessor.  Its going to take some care to be able to get power without hurting the engine.

Like the last variant of the GD, The GR has helical diffs in the front and back with an electronically controlled center diff where the driver can now choose from three automatic torque bias settings (over the GD’s one) or six way manual control over the base 40 percent front and 60 percent rear bias.  Also new is the center diff control being tied into the newer cars stability control.

STI diff control

We will be working with ARK Design USA on the construction of Project STI Generation 3.  ARK is a Japanese maker of high quality electronics, suspensions, wheels, aero and exhausts.  A new company, ARK was formed just a few years ago by some of the engineers who used to work for Apexi.  We will be working with ARK Designs as they work to build the car for the 2010 SEMA show.

We can’t wait to get started so stay tuned and we will keep you updated!

STI interior

ARK Design

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