Project Grey Mustang 5.0: Part 7 – Testing BMR Suspension’s Rear Control Arms


Now, remember earlier when I was talking about bushing deflection and the resulting suspension slop and wheel hop?  Take a look at this video:


You can actually see how the stock bushing moves forwards and backwards as the torque from the engine hits.

Now take a look at this video, which is the exact same vehicle, but with the upper control arm replaced by a BMR piece using a polyurethane bushing:


See how minimal the deflection and thus the wheel hop are now?  That was a BMR upper control arm with a polyurethane bushing.  But because I’m slightly… off (I’m not crazy; my mother had me tested), I asked BMR to send me their new “ULTIMATE” upper control arm, featuring the largest spherical bearing I’ve ever seen in my life.  Allow me to awe you with some fabrication porn:


You can see just by looking at it how sturdy this control arm is.  Other aftermarket vendors have had issues with corner-carvers breaking upper control arms, so BMR over-engineered the snot out of this thing.
This is typical of all BMR parts: extreme attention to detail, beautiful craftsmanship, and added strength where it’s needed most, like the gusset here.
Attention to detail: BMR even gun-drilled the center adjuster to reduce weight.

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