Project Honda Civic: Introduction



The most notable modification is Project Honda Civic’s powertrain, a CARB legal B18C1 swap that Annie swapped in herself more than a decade ago.  The B18C1 remains pretty much stock, with the exception of an AEM intake and an Apexi’ Super Dunk exhaust system.

With it’s 5″ diameter exhaust tip, the Apexi’ Super Dunk exhaust can launch well-endowed grapefruits at unsuspecting competitors while simultaneously being the envy of all the rice boys. 



Retired to a commuter car several years ago, Project Honda Civic turned in its R-compound tires and currently rides on a set of 15 x 7, 5 Zigen FR01R-C wheels wrapped in a set of Nitto Neo Gen tires.  The Brembo drilled and slotted rotors peering out from behind the 5 Zigen wheels may actually be more worn out than Charlie Sheen after a drug binged night with his “babysitters.”


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