Project Hyper-Miler Part 2: Maintenance




Project Hyper-Miler VW Volkswagen MKIV TDI Jetta Maintenance Engine Thermostat housing impossible
Yep.  Behind that water neck is the thermostat.  Just where VW felt its access would be impossible, minus one.


We can’t end this article with griping.  Circled in red is the oil filter housing, in a ridiculously easy to access location.  It’s almost too bad the oil change interval for this engine is 10,000 miles.


After all of our hard work Project Hyper-Miler smells fresh, coolant temps are where they should be, and it runs smoother than ever.  The clutch responds as it should, and of course, MPG is up overall.  The best part?  Now that the car’s maintenance clock has been reset to zero, we can move on to items that are far more rewarding: mods. 


VW Hyper-Miler TDI badge MKIV Jetta TDI Volkswagen
Despite the pain of serviceability, these three letters still make us giggle.  If you have the means (or really a lack thereof), I highly recommend one.





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