Project Infiniti G37S: Advan RZII Wheels Nitto Invo Tires
Nitto Invo mounted on Advan RZII

Perhaps even more nerve racking than making a wheel choice is the process of getting tires mounted on said wheels. I’m sure these guys get tired of having customers ask to be careful with aftermarket wheels, but the Hunter install machine shown takes a lot of the potential harm out of the process.

Kinetics G37 Rear camber arms

To accommodate the rear camber adjustment desired, a set of Kineticx rear camber arms were ordered from Z1 Motorsports.

-1.5 degrees of camber was dialed in to try and stuff the 19×10″ 35 offset wheels that didn’t work out. Stock wheels shown above.

As for which wheel to go with we talked to our friends at Mackin Industries. After weeks of back and forth with their wheel experts, we narrowed our focus on Advan as our desired manufacturer. The RZII wheel we chose is not an exotic forged wheel- it’s cast, but Advan uses some of the latest casting techniques to create both a strong and a light weight wheel in a 19” size. First, notice the cuts along the spokes of the wheels, this material is unnecessary as Advan has discovered in their strength analysis simulations. Combined with the stepped pattern and I-beam design of the spokes, these wheels can both be stronger and lighter than a conventional cast wheel.

Advan RZII 19x9 35 offset Nitto Invo 245/40/19

Advan 19×9″ 35 offset wheel with Nitto Invo’s 245/40/19 tire. We like how the RZII really shows off the factory Akebono brake calipers.  The wheels were topped off by the flat Advan cap.

We also looked at options from Volk as their quality and performance are virtually unmatched, but Volk being racing-focused mostly produces 18” wheel sizes. For our street car, we wanted to bump the sizes up an inch over stock for a more aggressive look. This is why Mackin Industries pointed us towards the Advan RZII, and it met all the performance criteria we had while maintaining great looks.

RZII 19x9.5 50 offset Nitto Invo 275/35/19

Advan 19×9.5″ 50 offset with Nitto Invo’s 275/35/19 tire. The offset is less aggressive on this wheel than what we originally wanted, but it still looks great. The rears are topped off by Advan’s raised centercap, which was needed for this wheel offset to accomodate the rear axles.

Nitto Invos

Those nice aggressive tread patterns from the Invos just look awesome. With almost 11″ of rear tire on each side the car, it is now looking the part from all the other work we’ve done, no longer being let down by the wheels and tires.

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