Project Land Speed Racer 240SX: Chassis Prep and Roll Cage Fabrication


We ended up spraying the whole interior with primer, but it's really not necessary. In fact, it's an unecessary pain in the ass. To save some time and money, just scuff the factory paint with some sand paper, degrease, and then paint it. Simple as that. 

After the primer was dry, we blew off the painted surfaces with compressed air to knock off some of the loose overspray that had built up in the interior. We had to sand down the more persistent, rough  areas of overspray with fine sand paper before applying the top coat. 

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Once we laid down the primer coat, we began applying the top coat, working from the roof to the floorboard. When selecting a paint for a top coat, its best to choose a hi-gloss paint that is easy to clean and easy to touch up. Also, think about driver comfort when selecting the color. A lighter color will reflect heat and ultimately lower cabin temperatures whereas a dark interior color like black can make life a bit more uncomfortable for the driver. The most common colors we''ve seen used for a racecar interior are gloss white and battleship grey.  We decided to be a bit different this time around and chose a matt silver for our interior. We like the color, but hope it cleans up as easy as a high gloss paint.    

With the cage build complete, we'll next turn our focus to prepping the suspension with some trick KW coilovers and SPL links. Stay tuned for the next installment of Project Land Speed Racer 240SX!   

Project Land Speed Racer 240SX Part One




Pierce Motorsports 

KW Automotive  

SPL Pro Suspension



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