Project Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Part 2, Making Great Brakes Even Better!


Project EVO X

Two steel belts help with puncture resistance and reduce tread squirm, helping keep the tread flat on the ground without lifting under side load.  A spiral wound aramid cap ply prevents tire growth and tread center bulging at high speeds, reducing heat build up and improving speed rating.  The spiral winding prevents the formation of a lap seam which is a weak spot under load and an area of differing stiffness that can cause problems at high speeds.

The tire’s tread pattern features a continuous center rib to maximize tread contact with the road for better dry grip with two large bordering circumvential grooves.  The tread to void ratio of the NT05 is a class leading 67.4% putting a great deal of rubber on the road.  Reinforced solid tread blocks on the tire’s outer shoulders give good grip and reduce squirm.  Finally the Nitto NT05 has a UTQG tread life rating of 200, amazingly high for an ultra high performance tire.

With our KW and Whiteline Suspension and Stoptech brakes coupled with sticky Nitto tires, the performance capabilities of our EVO X are quite a bit higher than the excellently performing stock car. The EVO X has a lot of body motion and most of this has been eliminated.  The grip is amazing and the brakes are nearly telepathic.  Now we are ready for more power.

Stay tuned till next time while we add a round of engine modifications.



KW Suspension


Global Performance Parts (US distributor for Whiteline)

Mackin Industries (Volk Wheels)

Nitto Tires

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