Project MKVI Golf TDI: Handling Upgrades Part Deux



To fasten the new package to the vehicle, we ordered a set of Mevius' “Blue Neon” lug bolts as the stock bolts would not fit in the Advans.  The finish on these lug bolts is absolutely beautiful and compliments the Advans very well.  So far, the finish has proven durable, with no signs of scuffing or chipping.


Project MKVI Golf TDI Handling Upgrades Mevius Blue Neon Lug Bolts

Mevius' “Blue Neon” finished lug bolts add some matching flare to the Advan RSII's Hyper Black finish.  Usually, such extravagances would be a little out of place, but the brilliant finish of the Advans needed something more than plain old chrome lug bolts.


Project MKVI Golf TDI Handling Upgrades Mevius Lub Bolts detail
After multiple uses, our lug bolts' finish has remained as brilliant as new.


The final improvement to our Golf was much less a marked improvement than the wheels and tires.  The ST Suspensions coilovers we had on the car didn't really have anything wrong with them, we just felt that we could get the best of both worlds, supreme control on the track and comfortable ride on the street, by staying in the family and upgrading to KW's Variant III coilover setup.


Project MKVI Golf TDI Handling Upgrades KW Variant III coilovers
The now ubiquitous KW Variant III coilover setup found its way onto our Golf.  We feel that nobody offers a better street coilover setup than KW.


The ST coilovers gave us good control and good ride quality on the street, and handled well on the track and charging onramps, but the lack of damper adjustability always meant that we would have a compromised setting.  The KW Variant III coilovers feature a lifetime warranty and proprietary INOX-coated stainless steel bodies for long life and easy collar adjustment for years to come. Most important to us, the Variant III coilovers feature independently adjustable compression and rebound damping, as well as sophisticated multistage frequency sensitive valving. 


Project MKVI Golf TDI Handling Upgrades KW Variant III vs ST Suspensions
The similarities between the KW Variant IIIs and ST Suspensions coilovers lie primarily in body construction (INOX stainless steel vs. plated) and independently adjustable compression and rebound damping.  After twenty thousand miles on the street, our ST coilovers were no worse for wear other than some road grime.


Project MKVI Golf TDI Handling Upgrades KW Variant III coilover adjusters
Independent compression and rebound damping is easy to access.  The bottom allen adjuster is for compression, while the rebound is set with the top allen adjuster.


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