Project MKVII Golf R : Part 2 – Bilstein Clubsport Suspension


The stock ride height of the Golf R is actually fairly low. It is lower than the Golf GTI and much lower than the standard Golf.


The Bilstein Clubsport suspension is designed to lower the car from 30mm-50mm over a standard golf. We ended up with the ride height about 20mm lower from the standard Golf R ride height which put is right in the middle of the designed adjustment range.

In the meantime, the car has been driven as a daily commuter and the ride quality is quite liveable with the track oriented Bilstein Clubsport suspension. The spring and dampening match are very well matched, so the ride feels refined. Although this may be too stiff for some, anyone who appreciates sports car driving will be very happy behind the wheel of a Bilstein Clubsport equipped car.


After the install the car was aligned at a local tire shop called Desert Tire. We are waiting for an appointment with West End Alignment where the car will get the full setup treatment including corner balance.

We currently have the compression set to full soft with the rebound at two clicks from full soft. This provides a very controlled ride and a tolerable level of firmness from this competition level high end coilover system. We will report back soon with a track review of the Bilstein Clubsport on this Golf R!





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