Project Nissan 370Z- Kinetix Racing Suspension, Enkei Wheels and Continental Tires

Project Nissan 370Z- Kinetix Racing Suspension, Enkei Wheels and Continental Tires

By Mike Kojima


In our last edition of Project Nissan 370Z, we installed a basic suspension with KW V3 coilovers and Whiteline sway bars.  To continue to develop our car into a dual purpose track/daily driver we needed to add some more adjustability to the suspension, we had to get more negative camber in the front and less in the rear.  We also had to get more rubber on the road.

To achieve this were added some adjustable suspension links from Kinetix and some super light Enkei PF01 wheels with Continental Extreme Contact DW Tires.


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We did everything in our friends driveway, not the normal palatial MotoIQ super shop.


On the 370Z the camber is not adjustable.  Since we wanted to add a lot more front negative camber for track work, we used this adjustable front upper link by Kinetix Racing.  The Kinetix part is fabricated from tubular stainless steel for rust resistance and has hard urethane bushings.  Camber is adjustable via screwing the spherical bearing that contains the tapered stub for the spindle in place in and out.


We also added Kinetix Racing camber and traction links.  Like the front upper control arm, the rear Kinetix parts are also constructed of stainless steel and feature urethane bushings in addition to being length adjustable.  We want to reduce our rear negative camber more than the stock adjustment will allow on our lowered car to help improve corner exit traction.


Here is the stock camber link vs the adjustable Kinetix part.  The solid urethane bushing has less compliance.


The adjustable Kinetix traction link affects toe steer.  Adjusting the link shorter than stock causes the rear suspension to toe in more under roll.  Making it longer reduces toe in under roll.  We left ours the stock end to end length.


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