Project Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R – Part 3: Borg Warner turbo and Full Race exhaust manifold
We can see the clean welding inside the pipe inlets. Smooth welds mean smoother surfaces, and smoother surfaces mean faster flow.
With Thermo-Tec’s Rogue Series wraps, we’ll be wrapping the exhaust manifold, downpipe, and probably part of the intercooler piping so that heat is maintained. This newer line of wraps is produced utilizing pulverized Lava rock called Basalt. It is extremely pliable, resistant to discoloration, and can withstand 1800 degrees Fahrenheit in direct continuous contact. It can be ordered in 1- or 2-in width, ranging from 15- to 100-foot lengths.

Wrapping a coated manifold (versus a non-coated one) will ensure against unwanted corrosion down the line, should there be any moisture trapped between the wraps and piping.

Unlike the older, stiffer tan wraps we’re more accustomed to seeing, Thermo-Tec’s Rogue Series wraps don’t require getting wet for ease of installation, and they won’t leave you with itchy fiberglass on your wrists. This stuff was really easy to use. I’d say the only downside to the original wrap is it more easily frays when you cut it. I’m not a professional exhaust wrapper, but this one will do. Before installing it, I’ll also spray it with Thermo-Tec’s black high temp spray.
The RB26’s exhaust manifold is significantly larger than that of a 2JZ-GTE’s (Mark IV Supra), due to the exhaust ports being more spaced out. Both of these are Full Race units finished in their hi-temp black coating, and both are works of art.

Stay tuned as we send the R33 Skyline GT-R to Modified by KC for installation, construction of our custom Vibrant 3-in exhaust, and dyno testing!
EDIT: Actually, it just went into Modified by KC last weekend! Ooohhh, the anticipation..

Borg Warner
Falken Tires
Full Race Engineering
Mackin Industries (Volk wheels)
Modified by KC (Installation and tuning)
Thermal Tec
Vibrant Performance


  1. I am really glad that you are not going for an all-out TQ number. There’s so much more to an engine than it’s TQ/HP number. Most people don’t really know that there’s much more to an engine than how much TQ it produces.

    Case in point: Gordon Murray’s T.50 NA V12 revs at 28,400 RPM per second.

  2. hi guys, thanks for the replies. Next two articles are in the works as we speak!

    Joe, I think I understand what you’re saying with the 28400 RPM “per second”, as in the rate of RPM acceleration. Just so others aren’t confused, it’s like–when free-revving in neutral–it’ll *theoretically* rev to 28400 RPM if you floor/free-rev it for one 1sec. Murray’s actual [beast of a] car has a 12100 RPM rev *limit*, which is still insane for that size of a motor. And thanks for the compliments. Yes driving this car is so different from the Supra in every aspect, I’m just having so much more fun in it. I very much want to floor it more often than in the Supra (which is more of an “event”) since it is more top-end based. And I just love the RB’s sound, even moreso now with the wastegate plumbed back into the exhaust. Stay tuned as that’s what I discuss in the next one! 🙂
    thanks guys.

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