Project Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R – Part 5: New Fuel System by Radium, DeatschWerks, and AEM!
Here is the Radium fuel hanger installed. The 360-degree swivel adapters sure make installation a breeze.
Here’s a shot of where the tank sits in an R33 GT-R. For the R33, Nissan moved the battery from the engine bay to the trunk, as seen here, to help counter balance the weight of the driver.
With the RB26DETT you are going to limited in fuel injector choices. Fortunately, DeatschWerks had what we needed! Here is a close up of its 1200cc injector, which was converted to high impedence by DeatschWerks at our request for lower circuitry temps and better longevity.
This particular injector is part number 16MX-05-1200-6 from DeatshWerks. It’s rated to 1200cc/min flow (or 114 lb/hr). DW reports it collect 450 date points from each injector.
Here’s the flow chart for the actual injectors, which DW provides. Rated at 1200cc/min max flow, it appears each injector is pretty much right where it needs to be. At 80% duty cycle these injectors are good for probably 200-300 cc/min more flow than we’ll need, even with E85. It’s nice to have a flow cushion, however.
I love the fact that the Radium Engineering fuel filter fits in the factory location of the old unit, which is on the driver side shock tower.


  1. Hi guys, amazing build. Would you be able to send me some images of the fuel hanger wired up and installed. Was it “plug and play”. I am looking to purchase this exact setup for my R33 gtst and if possible, could you send as much info on the install with pics if possible? Many thanks!!

  2. hi, sorry for the late reply on this. Unfortunately, when the fuel system was installed, I was not able to be there for more photos, so I just got the ones that I could get before hand and afterward. As far as I know, the shop did not have to do much of anything to get it installed and Radian was also curious if it would just go right in, which it did. If I find out any more information, I will let you know. I will try and ask these questions over the next couple of weeks when I get back to MKC (car is there now for just a couple of small things, but have been driving it! Running very well–hope to do a few updates here in the near future when I can get a chance away from my business). Thanks for following! Pablo

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