Project Professional Awesome Time Attack Evo: Driver Safety Part 1 (Being Safe and Looking Like a Million Bucks While Doing It)


Darren took images of the Evo, input on what I would like for the design and then a few days later, a sweet rendering of my new suit design showed up in my inbox. After design approval Darren got to work and I learned that when making alterations, you should be sure that Nomex thread is used to ensure all FIA standards are still met. The custom logos, names and colors used on the suit are done via heat press vinyl. With the heat press vinyl, the designs can be very intricate and can be printed and pressed in a matter of hours. No longer is it necessary to sew patches on or wait for weeks to have embroidery done.


A suit with logos along with a crew in matching gear make for a much more impressive photo to send out to sponsors. This is a side benefit of a nice looking suit and something that shouldn't be overlooked. Unless you're independently wealthy, marketing always has to come into consideration when racing.

My suit was ready within a few days, perfect for a surprise race we were going to at Toronto Motorsports Park. Without question the suit was light years ahead in terms of design and quality when compared to my previous suit. The level of comfort was supreme, especially when belted into the car. Little differences like that build confidence when driving and make for one less thing to worry about when hurtling around the track.

Stay tuned as the next article I will get into the remaining safety gear I’ve upgraded recently, which transformed my driving experience overnight!



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