Project Professional Awesome Time Attack Evo: Part 1 – Roll Cage and Chassis in Detail


This view from the front looking back shows how much space there is for the driver in the middle of the safety structure. Also notice the multiple bars going to the rear strut towers to support the main hoop and door cross beams.
Anticipating that we'd never have a passenger seat in the car, the door beams on the passenger side is standard issue, no fancy B-pillar stuff here.
Here you can see how load paths are taken into consideration. Every bar has another bar that's supporting it and the cage is triangulated as much as possible.
Another angle for your viewing pleasure.
The A-pillar gussets as designed by Pat Smith. Keeping the bar very tight to the A-pillar negated any concerns about outward visbility issues and the gusset is dimple died for reduced weight and added strength.
From the rear looking foward. Keep this in mind when we move onto the cooling system portion of the project!

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