Project Racer – Part 1: Introduction




Annie Sam and her NX2000 in the beginning
In the beginning; me and my NX when we we just starting.  This is an old picture so pardon my old 1 megapixel camera image


You feel the adrenaline rushing through you as you hear the rumbling exhaust blaring down the straightaway at the racetrack. The car accelerates to 100+ mph where suddenly it brakes hard, and dives into the turn. Then, the car disappears down the track as you flip to the next page of the magazine.

We all have daydreams and wishes to be behind the wheel of our pride and joy, of whipping it in and out of turns, pushing our car to its fullest potential. Yet to many of us, it has all been nothing more than mere wishful thinking. Why can't that be you in the driver's seat?

Too often, potential racers live vicariously through the pages of car magazines with their only taste of that actual rush being that one sweeping freeway onramp. What keeps these enthusiasts from getting out of the magazine aisle of the supermarket, to the actual racetrack? “It's intimidating” or “I don't even know where to start” are usually the most common obstacles but surprisingly, it's really not that difficult. Most enthusiasts out there already have cars built well enough for the track, yet many have claimed that they have never touched one.



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