Project S2000 – Part 12 – More Winter Testing and a Challenge


Compared to my time on the track last winter running the same configuration, the car’s handling was much improved as it was no longer loose.  However, I actually did not turn faster lap times; last time, I tried to push the car hard whereas this time, I was just out having some fun.  There are four spots where I could have dropped down to second gear to gain acceleration, but I decided to just leave it in third.  The tires also had about another 10k miles on them so I’m sure their grip level was down.  All things considered, the handling improvements made the car significantly faster.

All-in-all, it was a fun day at the track with a few lessons.  First off, I’d like to thank Maddog Mike and Speed Trial USA for putting on a fun track day with a laid-back atmosphere; I’d recommend them to anyone experienced and looking to have some fun running laps around a track.  Next, I learned that if I go to the track in cold weather, I can use the standard 10w-30 oil fill due to the cooling capabilities of my oil cooler setup.  Lastly, my ghetto brake cooling ducts work surprisingly well.  I’m going to design a permanent brake cooling setup in the future, along with something for the rear brakes.  Oh yeah, Martin’s SE-R is pretty fast too.


I’ve retired Project S2000 from daily driving duties which means…. time for some more track oriented mods. The car will still stay perfectly streetable, but think along the lines of a Porsche GT3RS; a car well prepped to be fast, fun and reliable at the track while still being comfortable and practical enough to drive on the street. The first power mod is on the way!



Read more about Project S2000 here:


Special Thanks to Speed Trial USA



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