Project S2000: Part 6 – Stiffening the Chassis


The rear brace from Beatrush did make a noticeable improvement.  When cornering over a bumpy surface, the rear of the S2000 can often feel wobbly.  The Beatrush brace has improved the feel making the rear more solid and stable.  The improved stability of the rear really helps when trying to put the power down on corner exit as it makes the rear more predictable and easier to control with the throttle.

 Project Honda S2000
Passenger side brace installed with the holes drilled and nuts/bolts/washers from Ace Racing (Hardware).  We wired the washer fluid motor into the stock connector using flat plate connectors; surprisingly they fit perfectly.  The other connector is for the side marker.  Plug it back in BEFORE bolting the fender down.  We forgot to do that the second time around, tried to plug it in with the fender installed and broke the side marker.  That stupid thing is almost $20.  Finally, the black hose on the left is the stock washer fluid line.  We connected it to the clear line (which goes to the Nagisa bag) using a hose connector.

Next up was the Whiteline front subframe brace.  This improved the front end stability of the car over the bumpy stuff and quick transitions.  The steering inputs seem more precise now.

We flipped the horn to the other side of its mounting bracket.  The bracket had to be bent in order for the horn to clear the shock tower.  We used the bolt for that mounting bracket to also hold the washer fluid bag.

The last parts to be installed were the Nagisa fender braces.  Remember how we said we had to do the passenger side twice?  The first time, we didn’t bolt the middle joint.  You know how we know the fender braces worked?  Because the alignment got tweaked!  Once we redid the passenger side and created the middle joint, it tweaked things back evenly.  We certainly didn’t expect that to have happened.    EDIT:  After months of driving, I just realized something after someone else brought it up…. no more roof latch rattle!  Yup, fender braces certainly work.

So how does it all feel?  It’s like closing the door on a high-end luxury car versus a Geo Metro.  It has that nice solid feel to it.  Where the S2000 can feel shaky on the bumpy stuff, especially the rear, the bracing has made the car feel more stable allowing the suspension to do its thing.  It’s a subtle but noticeable improvement in the attitude of the car.

You know we tested it on the track…. Report coming later.


ARK Design

Koyo Cooling Systems



KICS Spacers

KW Suspension


Global Performance Parts (NA Distributor for Whiteline)

Bridgestone RE11 tires

Volk RE30 Wheels

More Japan

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