Project S550 Part 2: Addressing Shortcomings in the Suspension and Drivetrain


A much higher quality unit than the factory plastic lock-out, and also matches the center toggle switches perfectly.


In order to install the reverse lock-out pull, you have to break the stock plastic pull as the stock unit sandwiches the shift boot between two glued plastic cups.



Here’s the finished product with the Coyote shift knob. The billet steel knob weighs 588 grams, which provides great feel when shifting. The engraved coyote logo on the top adds a nice custom touch.

Next up, it was time to tackle the suspension issues. This particular upgrade was actually completed several months ago and, at the time, there weren’t many full replacement suspensions options available for the S550. In the past few months, several of the big aftermarket manufacturers have begun rolling out new products, so we plan on doing a suspension Part 2 once we decide on a final path. With that in mind, we’re treating some of these parts as interim upgrades. Most notably in that category are the lowering springs we chose. Having run Eibach Prokit springs on numerous other projects, we felt like they were a great short-term solution for both the wheel gap issue of the stock S550 (and, in reality, the majority of stock cars) as well as the dreaded PP Bounce mentioned earlier. Thankfully, we’re delighted to say Prokit accomplished both of these goals. The frame is now dropped 1.2 inches in front and 1 inch in back. With no alternate dampeners available at the time of install, we just popped these onto the stock PP shocks and struts and hoped for the best. Surprisingly, the ride is actually very good and, if paired with a good set of dampers, these springs would make a great daily driver set-up while still being capable of the occasional spirited drive or even a track day here and there.


Here you can see us removing the front strut. In order to get to the pressed-in strut bolts, you have to remove the caliper and rotor.

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