Project Sim Racer: Part 3 – Enhancing the Experience With Fanatec


After placing the wheel base on the cockpit’s wheel platform I realized there was a problem. GTR Simulator had designed the wheel platform around the G920 and possibly several other wheel bases, but apparently not the CSL Elite base. Direct bolting on was not an immediate option.

After mucking about with the Fanatec surface clamp and trying to hack something together to make it work, I realized I had to take another path.

I decided that it was time to revisit my friend, Milwaukee. My power drill, that is. I don’t actually know anyone named Milwaukee, but it sounds like a cool name for a dude.

Fanatec, much like Logitech, produces PDF templates of their mounting surfaces. You can see this in the previous picture. I measured twice. I drilled once. And, somehow I still did it wrong and ended up with the third mounting hole in a place where I couldn’t both attach the wheel base to the wheel platform and still bolt the platform to the cockpit. Oops. Two bolts would have to do.


Step one…ish complete. Base attached to cockpit!

Once the base is attached to the cockpit, you can simply bolt on the wheel. The P1 wheel doesn’t feature the same style of quick disconnect as the ClubSport Formula. It uses a clamp and an Allen key, but it’s still pretty quick to get on and off.

Next stop, pedals! Get it?


The Fanatec CSL Elite pedals and Loadcell kit.

The Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base has a matching set of pedals that can be purchased. The base pedal kit is a two-pedal unit with just a gas and brake pedal. Purchasing the CSL Elite Loadcell Brake kit is really where the setup starts to shine.


Did I mention that Fanatec is really serious about packaging?

Everything that showed up had this level of attention to detail in the packaging alone. I like it.


The CSL Elite Pedals and Loadcell Kit are easy to assemble.

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