Project Sim Racer: Part 4 – Project Cars 2 Review


Sign your life away on the dotted line?

They really went the extra mile, even going so far as to include the act of signing a contract to work with your chosen team. Make sure you’re really sure!


Your season overview.

The season overview shows you the current standings of you and your team in comparison to the other drivers, the upcoming schedule, and the current event. Career mode also includes various invitational events that you “earn” as you drive in the various series. These invitational events can be participated in an unlimited number of times.


Gotta check your email!

The career mode even includes an email subsystem where you get to “interact” with various team members as well as receive notifications of special event invitations. When you screw up, you even get nastygrams from the team manager and the engineers! As if I don’t get enough email in real life…

Speaking of special invitations, there is a whole system of manufacturer and other special events that one can participate in to get other rewards. They aren’t easy, but you have an unlimited number of attempts to win.

Speaking of unlimited attempts, while career mode is a good introduction to the game at some points, it just feels like work. Then again, one has to work hard if one wants to climb the ranks in the racing world. Not everyone gets to start at the top and go sideways, and Project Cars 2 doesn’t exactly let you do that, either. So quit your whining and get to wheeling. But, if you mess up any particular event too badly, don’t forget that in this arcade mode you can always quit and start over! Not that I would ever reset the game when I totally bone qualifying by stuffing the car into a wall.


Come on, you know that you just want everything to look amazing! It goes to eleven!

The sim aims to be one of the most visually stunning out there, with myriad levers to pull to affect the graphics settings. With native 4K support, triple-monitor support designed in, and even 12K support (4K on all three monitors), Project Cars 2 really wants you to be wowed. VR support is also provided.

I upgraded the video card in my PC to an NVIDIA 1080 GTX series card since the last of the reviews, and I can say that this game really does look amazing. Unfortunately for me, even with an i7, 16GB of RAM and the fancy 1080GTX running things at full maximum, it would occasionally cause frame rate drops in certain settings. I can’t imagine the horsepower it would take to run in 12K.


Everyone has a photo drone that follows them around right?

Since it does look so amazing, and since you spent so much money building that fancy ‘puter to play this thing, you are going to want to show off your amazing-ness. So Slightly Mad Studios decided to give you a super-duper photo mode that lets you set up all kinds of interesting photo angles. You could spend days just tweaking in here to get the perfect shot.

It’s totally going on Instagram, right? #awesome

But, I’d rather be racing.

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