Project SR E30: Part 3 – Radiator, Intercooler and Piping
Time to start mocking up the piping. We wanted the first bend to start as close to the intercooler as possible, so we cut it with just enough straight section left to fit a clamp over.
Despite that, the piping still ends up hitting the ABS module.
Yes, you heard that right. We’re keeping ABS. Why? Because there exists an embarrassing photo of us locking up and going off track in the S13 after being pressured by an E36 at Streets of Willow. Not this time! (Also, making brake lines is a pain the ass)
We gave the bend a tiny 10 degree pie cut to make it clear the ABS module.
We used a bandsaw (aka Harbor Freight sawzall and a hose clamp to guide it) to cut through the bend in order to clock it.
The gap between the radiator and the ABS module is incredibly tight, but we made it fit. Note how we put orientation marks on all the joints before we tape them together for test fitting.

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