Project Subaru STi Part One


The STi has a huge amount of grip, however, its balance is not as delicate as the EVO’s.  The STi will understeer in a corner and when the throttle is applied, it will understeer even more.  When you apply a little more throttle and it will quickly transform to oversteer. The steering has a rubbery feel and will not return to center quite as easy as its rival.  The feeling from the shifter gives that rubbery feedback also.

The EJ25 has superior bottom end power and torque.  The engine quickly shoots through the transmissions six speeds.  It does seem to run out of breath at high rpm.  Although the STi is the diametric opposite of how an EVO feels, both car turn remarkably similar 0-60 and ¼ mile times.  The engine has a computer controlled drive by wire throttle that differs from the EVO, which gives aftermarket tuners more of a task to tune.  The aftermarket support greatly differs from the 4G63; less quality aftermarket parts are available for the EJ25.

Although the STi has the same big Brembo brakes as the EVO, the pedal feel is not as firm and brakes are more difficult to modulate.  Flex in the spindle or caliper mount results in a possibility for brake caliper piston knockback, which makes consistent braking under track conditions harder.

In this project we are going to improve on the STi’s strong point, acquiring more torque and power but still keeping it street and road race friendly.  A lot of attention will be given the cars weak points, handling and braking.  Project STi’s goals will be to be able to keep its easy street ability while being able to rip the ¼mi in the 11’s while winning a Time Attack.

We are going to greatly improve the suspension and handling by changing the geometry and damping capabilities.  Our brake work will work to bring out the full potential of the Brembo’s and we will dig to bring all possibility for easy bolt on power so surface.

Project STI
Project Subaru Sti stuck with the OEM look with the Bronze Volk CE28N’s.


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