Project Toyota Supra MKIV, Part 3: The Cylinder Head



Looking at an MR2 lifter, the number on the back indicates the measurement that would otherwise be filled by a shim in the 2JZ.  All of them start at a 5mm measurement, so this number indicates 5.24 mm.   Notice how small in diameter the center point is.  Compare that to an entire shim and you see where we get the savings.



We ordered new Ferrea dual valve springs for our 2JZ-GTE build.  The Ferrea name is almost synonymous with built Supra heads.  Honestly, I rarely hear of any other make for Supra cylinder head components, yet they make parts for almost all automotive brands.



Ferrea dual valve springs are proven on Supras up to 65 PSI and 1500 whp, and a Ferrea treated cylinder head is also good for 10,000 rpm, Ferrea's Zeke Urrutia reports.  Installed, the springs are rated to 90 lb, and when the spring is closed the dual spring setup pushes an impressive 195 lb.  Maximum lift is .500-in.



With a couple of previously warped Ferrea exhaust valves, here, an exhaust valve is getting faced at a 45-degree angle with Noland's Rottler VR8 valve grinder.  The VR8 has a center-less chuck to hold and turn the valve while the stone is cutting the face of the valve, matching the concentricity to the valve stem and making it perfectly round.
“Doing this is important because that valve needs to be perfectly matched to the seat in the head that we cut on our Serdi or Rottler seat machine.  This way, when the valve is closed, it leaks no compression back into the cylinder head.  Also, when closed, that valve dissipates heat into the head, and if the angle or concentricity is off even a couple thou, that valve could overheat and burn a hole in itself, or at least warp,” says Brad Noland of Noland Cylinder heads.  Noland is old school, meaning they don't have a website.  But they can be reached at (816) 471-5167.



Our cylinder head complete and sitting at Modified by KC's shop, ready to be married to the block.  I'll have more pics of the finished head in one of the next installments.  



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