Project Toyota Tundra Part One, TRD Suspension and Brakes


The next part we installed was a set of TRD brake pads.  Although the Tundra has the best brakes in its class, when towing you can't have too much brakes ever!  Like all TRD parts, the TRD Tundra brake pads are designed to improve performance with absolutely no bad side effects and no decrease in reliability.  The TRD pads use a heat and fade resistant semi metallic compound fortified with Kevlar strands for strength and lubricity. Ceramic is used as a friction modifier for a high consistent coefficient of friction across a wide operating temperature range with low abrasion.

TRD Brake pads
TRD brake pads feature semi-metallic Kevlar ceramic friction material, wear indicators and anti noise shims for refined high performance.

Higher performance pads often don't work well when cold, are noisy, create a lot of nasty dust and wear rotors quickly.  TRD pads don't exhibit any of these bad characteristics. The TRD pad material gives the best of both worlds, quiet and clean operation with a high coefficient of friction across a wide range of temperatures.  We installed our pads and bedded them in with a series of stops from 60 mph.  Once broken in we immediately noticed the increased coefficient of friction with improved bite and lower pedal effort.  The pads also had good release characteristics and were easy to modulate.  The TRD pads definitely made the already excellent brakes better and more confidence inspiring when towing.

TRD Brake pad installation

We are very impressed with the quality and performance of the TRD parts, we have experienced the rare dichotomy of improved performance with no bad side effects.  Our warranty loves us still as well.

Stay tuned, in future editions of Project Tundra we will be working with more of TRD's superb warranty friendly parts.


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