Project Tundra Improving the Front Suspension with Camburg and Coach Builder Part 2

The Camburg knuckles come with all of the proper brackets and tabs for the calipers, brake lines, and ABS sensors wires. They are a direct bolt-in and do not change your suspension geometry, these are not knuckles designed to raise your truck, they are designed to be used with proper, non bro dozier high-performance off-road suspension.

The construction of the Camburg knuckles is top-notch.   The part of the knuckles that the hub bolts to is CNC machined out of 4130 billet. The rest of the knuckle is fabricated from 4130 plates.  The knuckles are hollow for maximum stiffness and minimal weight, they actually weigh about the same as stock even though they are several times stronger.  As you can see there are tabbed internal gussets for super strength. After tig welding, they are heat-treated and powder coated.  Then critical dimensions are machined to the final shape.

The Coachbuilder tie rod ends are very stout.  The bodies are machined from thick wall chrome-moly and Aurora spherical bearings are used.  This is straight-out off-road racing stuff and is much stronger than stock.  The bearings are covered with a rubber dust boot to seal them.

The shanks bring the tie rod pivot closer to the knuckle and reduce bump steer. The shanks are also long enough so you could use washers to fine adjust your bump steer the way you want if you were so inclined.

Stay tuned, we are looking for a heavy-duty lower control arm to complete our ultimate bolt-in front suspension upgrade.  Then it will be time to test and tune!


Camburg Engineering

Coach Builders

Icon Vehicle Dynamics


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