Project V8 RX-7: Part 13 – Getting it Smogged


Oh and if you didn’t already see this months ago on our Facebook page we finally weighed the car.  The total weight of Project V8 RX-7 is 2,843 lbs. with full interior, a fully dressed LS-3 under the hood (minus A/C compressor) and ¾ a tank of 91 octane fuel.  Corner weighting has not been performed; the weights were taken with ride height measuring 25” from the top of the wheel opening in the fender to the ground on all 4 corners.  Even we were surprised that front to rear distribution was biased a little more to the rear than the front with a weight of 1,403 lbs front, 1,440 lbs rear.  In other good news, the cross weight is 1496lbs x 1535lbs with myself in the driver's seat still WITHOUT corner balancing yet!  

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