Project VA WRX: Enhancing Grip with ARK Design R5 Wheels and Nitto NT05 Tires


Even with a low ride height and an aggressive fitment, with the proper offset, our combination doesn't rub, that has included instances when the car is fully loaded. 
Our car looks great with its new wheels and tires. We found the NT05 to be really sticky in lateral, forward and braking grip.  We can't wait to finish our chassis mods so we can explore the full potential of the tires.  The grip to wear ratio seems to be acceptable although the tread life is not going to be anywhere near an all season tire with a UTQG rating of 300. 
On our WRX, the NT05 rode acceptably well despite the stiffer sidewalls. However the tire is a little more noisy on our WRX than previous versions of the tire that we have experienced on different cars.  We are not sure why this seems so as the tread design is identical to the previous variants. 

The NT05 tire is a step greater in performance than its predecessors. We are eager to see how well the tire works on the track as it has the makings of a good ST Autocross tire or a Street Class Time Attack tire. 

Although the performance is better, we believe that the tire does wear sightly faster and is slightly noisier on the highway, trade offs that are well worth it in our opinion.

In our next edition of project WRX VA we will be completing out suspension work with the addition of some of the latest parts from Superpro.

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  1. I sure wish I knew you guys a few months ago. I have a 2017 wrx and the people I’ve found and paid to modify my car have all but destroyed it. You actually produce results and know what your talking about.
    I emailed you earlier today. I need help. i desperately need help.

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