Project VA WRX: Upgrading the Brakes with Stoptech Part 1, Getting a Baseline


Brake Engineering guru Steve Ruiz discusses test protocol with his engineers and observes the testing to make sure the tests are performed to his satisfaction. Steve is a tough internal customer to his engineering department and nothing escapes his eye.
Stoptech's engineering department came with an impressive array of tools and parts to try out.  Different calipers, rotors and pads were available to perform tuning on systems if needed.
Why do engineers all end up having the same look to them?
Next, the WRX was subjected to ten stops from 80 mph.  The stops were again back to back with the same speed back to the start line to keep heat soak identical for each run.  The 80 mph stop puts considerably more energy into the system and creates a lot more heat.  The stopping distances also increase greatly. 
As before the test data was recorded and the rotor temperatures monitored.  The front brakes were beginning to smoke although they stayed consistent at this speed.
The rear brakes temperatures were also measured at the higher initial speed.

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