Project VehiCross Part 4: The Single Worst Repair…in the World


Next, another small bracket holds the hardlines of the power steering system to the frame.  Dropping a ratchet and socket down here is very difficult as this is all sandwiched in front of… you guessed it… the radiator!  The bracket and bolt need to come out fully.  Sorry for the out of focus image, shooting down here is really friggin' difficult.
At this point, you can snake out the pump end of the power steering hose (not easy as there are some A/C lines that make squeezing the head of the hose out far more difficult than it should be) and start working out the entire high pressure line.  Work slowly (and I do mean slowly.  If you bend the hard line, it will refuse to fit back together properly.  Ask me how I know) and you can work everything out just enough to get wrenches on the fitting between the hard and soft lines.  Pop this loose and the soft line will be free…three hours after you started (four if you're figuring this out as you go).  For the record, if we had removed the radiator, we would be about done by now instead of just getting the hose out.  Also for the record, if Isuzu had designed this system with repairability in mind, we would be done, showered, and drunk by now.
The leak in our old hose was a tiny little nick about 2mm long.  But in a high pressure hose, that's enough to make a big mess.  Our new hose is from Duralast, AKA Autozone.  Everything is identical between the two and the new hose is nicely made, including the anti-chafe wiring sheath Isuzu installed from the factory.  
I wish the same could be said for the copper crush washers that are supposed to seal the banjo bolt.  The washers Autozone provided us were too small and did not fit our banjo bolt.  Now, I make it a habit of not swearing on MotoIQ, but SERIOUSLY AUTOZONE HOW HARD IS IT TO SIZE A COPPER WASHER?!?!?  
Seriously.  This is some serious bullshit and I hope someone from Autozone reads this because, guys, what the actual fuck?

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