Project #YAE92 M3: Part 4 – Let’s do some catching up.


As you can see here, there’s nothing left inside this car that doesn’t absolutely need to be there. We want it to be as clean and open as possible for a number of reasons. On the passenger side you see the ECU and fuse box relocated to the cabin for 2015 so we can quickly and easily check & diagnose potential problems with the electrical system in the pits during a race and keep them out of the hot engine bay. In the middle, our CAE Ultra shifter still controls a stock h-pattern gearbox but moves the lever to a position where the driver doesn’t have to move his hand far from the wheel. The precision and throw of this shifter gives an amazing feel. Also note the master cut-off switch which shuts everything down in the case of an emergency is accessible by the driver as well as from outside the car by safety crews via a simple pull string.

A well labeled and organized switch panel is very important when drivers are fatigued or during night racing. These switches all operate in the same directions. Down is on, so it’s easy to remember and not easy to shut off on accident. From the top left: Switch to toggle between two fuel pumps in the tank in case one fails, differential cooler pump & fan, transmission cooler pump, fuel pump power, kill switch, ignition start button. Row 2: Driver air fan, windshield wipers, interior light, auxiliary headlights (the ones that flash when using the toggle switch on the wheel), main headlights, master ignition power. Row 3: Separate fuses for factory ABS, fuel system, and ignition, Ethernet ports for pulling data from the dash and/or ECU. Row 4: Traction control adjustment knob which we have never turned on, but could come in handy if we get caught in the wet on slicks for a lap or two, and a map switch which dials down power in increments of 25hp at a time for increased fuel mileage without having to change driving style.

This little Aliant battery from Essex Parts is certified LEGIT. A new addition to us for 2015, this battery weighs just 7 lbs. and fits almost anywhere. It gives us plenty of power for hot re-starts and running our crazy bright lights. We’ve placed it in the engine bay to help offset the weight distribution of the weight we added to the rear with the fuel cell.

Good lights make all the difference when night racing. These bad boys make the night look like it doesn’t exist. Strategically angled to light up directly in front and at an angle to light up apexes and be able to see through corners. Set behind the factory headlight lenses to remain protected, not mess with aero, and be easily cleaned during pit stops. Plus they look bad ass. Photos: Crooks Life

We also have an LED strip inside the cabin that we can illuminate during driver changes and pit stops at night for visibility. Or if we drop our cell phone while on track we can find it.

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