Quaife – Sequential Trans for Honda K-Series Civic

Quaife – Sequential Trans for Honda K-Series Civic


Quaife Engineering has introduced a sequential 5-speed transmission for the K-Series Honda Civic and is now available for order exclusively through Motovicity in the United States. 

Ideally suited to road racing, circuit and drag racing applications, the Quaife QKE8J features wider gears along with an additional housing support bearing between the 4th and 5th gears to increase torque and horsepower capacity. 



It also features a drum-style sequential gear change mechanism and open face dog design to ensure ultra rapid sequential shifts. Gear sets are available in wide-cut (spur) close-ratio gears to minimize parasitic loss and come in a choice of rally, race or drag race ratios. A helical gear set for road and track day applications are also available. 



The unit is designed as a direct bolt-on replacement to OEM transmission and requires the use of the original Honda EP3/FN2/DC5 bell housing and differential housing, which enables the use of the original Honda clutch, differential, driveshafts and mounting points. 



An optional Quaife QDF17U K-Series LSD is also available for 28T DSS upgraded driveshafts.

The Quaife K-Series kits include the transmission and housing, gear shifter and cable. Three QRE8J final drive ratios are available in addition to an electronic gear position indicator.



Gear Ratios

  1st      2nd     3rd      4th    5th

3.100  2.067  1.421  1.048 0.870 – Drag Set

3.100  2.067  1.611  1.333 1.136 – Rally Set

2.417  1.611  1.263  1.000 0.852 – Race Set

2.400  1.600  1.261  1.038 0.857 – Road/Track Helical Set

Final Drive Ratios

4.357 Spur 4.750 Spur 4.750 Helical






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