Quick Tech: Blowfish Brake Duct Install for BOSS 302

Quick Tech: Blowfish Brake Duct Install for BOSS 302

by Mark Gearhart


When it comes to track cars, there’s only so much heat dissipation a rotor can provide before it becomes overheated. So how do you bring down the blazing braking temperatures even further? A fresh air duct system.

Ever sat in front of a fan when it’s hot as hell outside? Feels awesome, right? Well, that’s exactly how your rotors feel when they are cooled down by fresh air. Yes, brake pads are specifically engineered to handle predetermined heat ranges, but not in an overheated situation. Figuring out a way to pull cool air from the front of your car onto the back of your rotors can make a huge difference.

Our BOSS 302Revivial project is designed to tackle both on track and street duties. We wanted to overbuild the braking system and have fully upgraded it with a set of Baer Eradispeed two-piece rotors, brake pads, ARP extended wheel studs, and Maximum Motorsports stainless lines. To top it all off, we also installed a Blowfish Racing brake cooling kit.

While the brake cooling kit is easy to install any time, it’s virtually effortless while performing a brake job. Made specifically for the ’10-’14 Mustangs, Blowfish Racing offers their brake cooling kit in a variety of configurations. The factory fog lamp housings are utilized for the new ducts, and in our case, we needed the factory housing for our salvage rebuild. The 2013-14 kit is designed for the 4-piston 14-inch rotor brake option that was offered on the Performance Pack and BOSS 302 cars.

The BCD-01-300 kit comes with the factory trimmed headlight housing with affixed brake duct bracket. Pre-cut Thermoid 550° flex hose it cut specifically to length for an easy installation, which all connects to a new rotor backing plate with a built-in vent hole. The backing plate installs with spacers and new hardware to help force air onto the back of the rotor under speed. Ah, doesn’t that feel nice?


Blowfish Racing’s brake cooling system is fairly simple. The fog lamp bezels come pre-trimmed and are ready to accept fresh air through the Termoid ducting and onto the back of the rotor.


The factory front bumper will accept Blowfish’s modified housing with ease. Simply reuse the four mounting screws and the ducts will simply clip in place.


Easy as pie, the fog lamp housings clip in place and secure with the original screws.


Three bolts later and the factory dust shield is removed. Clearly, the braking system will need to be disassembled down to the spindle to get to these bolts.


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