R35 GT-R Aero Buyer’s Guide TAS 2009

I was walking around the Tokyo Auto Salon today (press day) with Roland from Pi UK and I kind of got bored of the cars. There was definitely some cool shit, but I think I am jaded overall. There just aren’t enough hardcore engine parts, dope looking big turbo engines, and buff ass BNR32/BCNR33/BNR34 GT-Rs anymore. I guess that was the TAS of about 10 years ago. Anyhow, I saw a near stock R35 GT-R and I was thinking to myself, “Jeez, I am so fucking bored of seeing stock R35s at shows, in mags, at meets and everywhere else, that I should do the R35 owning public a small favor and post up some R35 aero parts so I can stop looking at stock R35s.” So, here’s a quick and dirty aero parts buyer’s guide. Don’t be like an EVO owner at Mitsubishi Owner’s Day and bring a stock EVO. I have absolutely no idea why there are so many stock EVOs at MOD. I saw a stock EVO back in 2002. Why are you still showing me your stock EVO in 2009? If it’s stock, there’s no need to show your car: WE KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE ALREADY!!! This includes you R35 owners: go ahead and show some smokin hot chick your stock R35, but don’t show us car guys because we don’t give a shit. If you want to show your R35, do yourself a favor and give Ben a call at Bespoke.



BLITZ (This car had a Hollinger transmission in it, more tomorrow)

DEFEND (You need to DEFEND your car because I will kick it if you put this on.)

MINE’S (That is the nicest dry carbon trunk I have seen to date)

NISMO Club Sport Kit


SHADOW (I’m feeling this kit, but the wheels SUCK.)


Kei car R35 conversion. This one is the best.

WISE SPORTS (probably not for everyone…)

It looks like to me with some careful mixing and matching, you can build a pretty good looking R35. I hope people start doing it soon though. We’re bored.

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