R35 GT-R Showroom in Ginza

When I was cruising Tokyo on January 3, I got dropped off in Ginza to do some last minute shopping before I had to head back to the states. Right across the street was a Nissan showroom. It’s sole purpose was to showcase the R35 GT-R. You would figure that prime real estate in Ginza is super expensive so you know Nissan is spending some big money marketing the R35 GT-R. Why? I don’t know since Nissan claims that they make absolutely no profit. Yes, I know – that’s probably a big crock of shit…

This was the intersection in Ginza.

Walk in and you’re formally greeted by two very proper women in thier early 30’s. That seems to be the “proper” age for corporate identities in big Japanese companies.

In the middle is a red R35 getting raped by the public.


I like red R35’s. I just don’t like this retarded open mouth action.

Here are the available colors. I’m down with red and black.

It really is. The R35 is buff.

This car is going to be a BITCH to work on.

ginza3.jpg Click to see maintenance requirements to keep your warranty (in Japanese)

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