R35 GT-R @ XS Engineering

Lucky bastard Carter Jung (chief editor at Import Tuner Magazine) got to cruise an R35 around last week. So what was the first thing he did with it? He took it over to XS to see how much power the car really made. Carter is no stranger to buff Japanese cars. He owns an R33 GT-R and a real deal (albeit old school) 5Zigen JGTC GT500 Supra.

Here’s Carter practicing looking hard. Later that night he cruised k-town to look for some Korean gold diggin honeys, kalbi, and kimchee.

XS35 bese.jpg Click for dynosheet. 412whp and 388 lb-ft at the wheels is not bad at all.

Peter and Troy from XS took the car for a drive. They both told me, “Dude, it’s FUCKING fast.” Peter used to drive his twin turbo FD RX-7 to 9.80’s in the quarter mile so he knows a little something about fast. With all the hype and previews we have of this car, isn’t it almost boring? I say let all the rich dudes buy them up at a premium and I’ll get one in a couple years after release. It’s a Nissan after all so resale value is shit anyway. Anyhow, what I’ll dig the most is when stubborn Corvette owners bow down to the GT-R. You should check out any Corvette forum for a DAMN good laugh. 911TT owners don’t really need to bow down. Why? Because they’re driving a Porsche, not a Nissan. The GT-R might be faster on paper, but no matter what you do, it will never be a Porsche.

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